There is always soooo much going on at EMC! Lots for grown ups and children of all ages. This pages tells you what's happening every week. We also have lots of specials so check out our Facebook page or here for more details :-)


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150th Anniversary


 Christianity Explored

In October we would like to offer a warm welcome to anyone who would like to learn some more about what we believe and how the love of God is important to us here at EMC. We will be running 1 hour sessions from the "Christianity Explored" course. This is a fantastic opportunity to explore more about the Christian faith in a safe an fun atmosphere. We will be providing a creche for those who have children that need to be entertained while you talk.

The course will be run by our minister Simon Leigh.


Regular Events

If the above image is not to your liking our regular events are described here in a nice little table. 

  Event Date Time Notes
  Morning Worship Every Sunday 10:30 am  
  Sunday School Every Sunday 10:30 am  
  Evening Worship Every Sunday 6:30 pm  
  Messy Church  1st Saturday each month 10:30 am Crafts, worship and lunch!
  Twice Weekly Luncheon club Mondays 10:30 am Please contact Barbara for more details.
  Methodist Women in Britain Tuesday 2:30 pm  
  Men's Fellowship Tuesday (every other week) 7:30 pm  
  SPECTRUM Thursday 10:30 am  
  Twice Weekly Luncheon club Fridays 10:30 am  
  Table Tennis Thursdays 3:15 pm