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Hello there, how has your week been? I hope you have been able to enjoy some fresh air. It's Saturday morning and the children have had their first trip in the car today since the start of Lockdown. Despite the drizzle we ventured to Mount Batten for a walk around and a game of tag. It was great to see the sea. One of the great blessings to come from lockdown is we use the car far less, and that means we are doing less damage to creation. I think that's a great blessing! Josh and Beth have finished school for the summer. They have done really well working from home. Helen has done very well balancing the teaching and her day job (I spend most of the day on virtual meetings, so it has been Helen's task to teach). It's Helen's birthday today so I do want to wish her, and anyone else with a birthday a very happy day (had to say that, brownie points).
We are really blessed to have Tristan leading our worship this week, I'm looking forward to watching tomorow and I will pop his service on our Video web page as soon as it is ready; so do check back there soon.
I read this last night in a book by Maldwyn Hughes (he was the first head of Wesley House Cambridge and last president of the Weslyan conference before unification). He said this in description of God "That is to say, God is love, not merely in relation to His creatures, but in His inmost essence. He is eternally and essentially love". He puts it far better than I could, but I read this as God is Love, actually pure love, he doesn't need anything external of him to make him exhibit love, he just is love. That's a pretty good basis for thinking about God.

We hope you will have a great and blessed week! Remember the God of creation is in command, and all is well!

With our love !

Jon, Helen, Josh and Beth xx



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Hi all, Janet has asked me to make you aware of a recent Zoom scam, details in the document below....


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There wasn't much news to share with you this week, so being a bit of a history geek I thought I'd include this photo for you. It's a view of numbr 4549 heading to yealmpton. The date is given as February 27th 1960. The folks are from Plymouth Railway circle and they are bidding farewell to the line that closed that day. I have two different sources that dispute the closure date of the 27th. However, it's very close to it. I will have to dig out my book on the branch line for an authorisative answer.
Click here to see it PHOTO
Anyway enjoy the photo, do you know where this is today? The answer is below ....
You can read more about the line here line here,and%20the%20passenger%20service%20was%20withdrawn%20in%201930.
You can read even more and find lots more photos of Elburton station on this link: CLICK HERE
Helen and I have drawn on the rough location of the line and station. We have used some of the old photos in the links above to identify some points of reference. Of course the current owner of "Station House" has decorated their home in the 'station style' and they have a mock station building in pretty much the correct location.

Told you I was a geek