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Another week has leapt on by and we are well and truly into September. For us the children are back into the swing of school and moving onto their new classes this week (they spent the first two weeks in their previous year groups). In this week's service we are looking at Matthew 20 1-16. Our service is titled "No charge" and if you don't know the song I was thinking of at the time you can have a listen on YouTube and I have included some links below. I have included several as, to be honest, I can't decide which version I prefer lots of people have covered it Johnny Cash, Tammy Wynette, Melba Montgomery (all of them are beautiful). OK, that's my musical taste out of the bag!
As we look at this week's reading about the vineyard and think about what pay the workers can claim for their efforts, what we can claim the reality, I hope, becomes clear. We have no right to expect anything, God's answer to us is for all I have done there is NO CHARGE!

We are really lucky this week to have an introduction from our Minister Rev Andy Chislett-McDonald. So please do read on to find that!

Remember the God of creation and love is in command, so all is well!
As always With our love
Jon, Helen, Josh and Beth

An Introduction to the Chislett-McDonalds...
First, let me say how delighted Ruth and I are by the welcome we have received in the Plymouth and Devonport Circuit. There has been a real sense of peace and a 'knowing' that this is where God has called us and placed us.
A bit about us. We have been married for 35 years and have two adult children, Simon and Charis. Simon is a physicist completing a PhD, and Charis is both finishing an anthropology masters degree and beginning training to become a teacher. They are currently at Durham University. Ruth is a Driving Examiner. All three of them are musical people, playing a variety of instruments between them; trumpet, French Horn, clarinet, piano and guitar. The nearest I get to this is blowing a whistle when I am refereeing football matches. I have found that refereeing keeps me grounded and gives links into the community, so you will see that l will be refereeing most Saturday's. My other hobby is cooking. Oh, and one other passion is pilgrimage, particularly the Camino de Santiago (500 miles from the Pyrenees and across Northern Spain on foot to Santiago de Compostella).
And now, the main event! We are desperate to see people come into a living, loving relationship with our living, loving Lord Jesus. In church terms, l really do not buy into stories of continuing decline. God is able, God is good. And God longs for people to know him! It is my hope, dream, prayer and certainty that God has great things planned for both the Circuit and all the local churches; so that definitely includes Elburton Methodist Church. Three word slogans seem to be in vogue at the moment. Here's one I appropriated from a friend as a slogan for church and Circuit...Bring, grow, go. BRING people into the life of the church. GROW in faith together, and GO and get others.
We are so pleased to be joining with you. You are in our hearts and prayers.
Andy and Ruth (Simon and Charis)

For those of you who share my interest in history here is an old map of Elburton from 1856. Can you find the spot where EMCC now stands? Take a look it's a great little map.

Rev Andy Chislett-Mcdonald
07960 050355


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