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This week we are really blessed as Andy is leading our worship with Helen on music (lyrics are at the end of this message). You will no doubt be relieved it's not Jon again!

One of this week's reading's is from Paul's letter to the Church at Thessalonica. As I read this morning of Paul's warm and happy greeting to the Church his description of Thessalonica made me think at once of parallels with the Church at EMC.

Paul mentions the "welcome we had among you", this resonates with the warm welcome folks so often mention when they come to EMC. That warm welcome is in turn representative of a deep felt love between those in fellowship within our Church. That love pours out to those who come to visit us. We may not always agree, we may not always see eye to eye but there is still a strong sense within EMC of that deeply felt love, shared to/from and with those who imitate Christ.

Imitating Christ is another parallel we can see between those in Thessalonica and EMC. Again in this we may often fail but we are drawn together because we seek a common goal to strive to know him and imitate him more.

Finally, Paul talks of how he remembers them in prayer. EMC is a praying community and it fills me with great joy to know that we are holding each other in prayer through the weeks.

As to our week, half term is fast approaching, and we are very excited to be having a week off :-) School has been different for the children and we will be buying the children thermal underwear this next week; just as the school have suggested. This is because whilst the heating will be on this winter, the windows will be kept open. That will make it a bracing place to learn no doubt! I would need a lot of layers, I'm cold in the heat of summer!

Right I must go edit the video for this week's service. I hope you have had a good week, and will have a blessed weekend and week to come!

With all our love!
Jon, Helen, Josh and Beth!

HARVEST As well as the generous Harvest donations of food for the Food Bank, the wonderful amount of 330 pounds was given in money, which the treasurer will send to help in the great work that the FoodBank does. Once more EMC has shown it's generosity to those less fortunate than ourselves.

I have joined in this week with a local history group and one of the really exciting resources they shared with me is this tithe map from 1837-1847. If you have a little time to spare you can, as Josh and I did, find some local locations such as the Church, the school and our house :-). None of the buildings are there yet, but the field boundaries and roads remain largly unchanged.

We have been asked by Tony to share this with you:
Phone scam: People get an automated call informing them that "Due to illegal activities, their access to the Internet is going to be removed within the next few hours", or similar words. They are then informed and invited to contact their Internet supplier by pressing 1. DON'T PRESS ANYTHING. JUST HANG UP.

Church building security
Some time between noon on Thursday 3rd September 2020 and the morning of Monday 7th September 2020 and again between Thursday 1st October and Tuesday 6th October 2020 one of our keyholders entered the building by the car park doors but when they left they omitted to set the top and bottom bolts before locking the rear door. This meant that the doors could be pulled open and anyone could enter the building. These top and bottom locks must to set before leaving and locking the building securely.

Rev Andy Chislett-Mcdonald
07960 050355


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