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Hi all,

Good evening to you, a little weather blip this week but on the whole pretty good going and our new grass is shooting up, so that's good! There are also positive things in the UK news this week which is reassuring. The R number continues to drop and is at a level where the virus is dying and not expanding. I think it's really very important to find all the positives at these times and there are many. Have to say I am loving working from home !!

Some of you may share my love for a good graph and there are so many stats to ingest at the moment. They have been full of alarming numbers but in the past 3 weeks there has been a noticeable turn of events and things moving in a much better direction. Long may this continues across the world.

I am very conscious there are many folks who do not have access to the internet to share in this and our other media. If you have someone nearby please feel free to print and drop in this sheet. Equally whilst I am a terribly conversationalist I am always willing to listen and if you get me on the right geeky subject like bunkers, computers, locks, Vulcan bombers .....I could go on, well on those  I will talk for days, and am happy to call anyone who needs a chat.

Right I waffled again this week, sorry! lets get onto the main stuff shall we ?

God bless you at this time!

Remember the God of the universe is in command, even of this!




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You can find this week's service on Jesus, the gate and Sir Humphrey via our website. To remove confusion I have included the video at the top of our Video page so you can watch from there. However, if you prefer you can also watch on Facebook. The link to our Church website is here....

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Free Things

Dawn has started a small space outside the Church for folks to share books, games, toys etc. Please do help yourself but remember to give things a clean when you get home, and only pick up/drop off during your regulation one trip out a day, but you knew that :-)

News from Jean Davies

" I had sad news on Saturday 25th April. Harvey an old dog that I have been sponsoring at the Dogs' Trust had to be put to sleep. He had many serious health issues and had wonderful treatment from the staff at the trust. I shall miss his cards and letters (not written, I assume by him) There is good news though as another dog has been offered to me, called Paulo. He is a black Labrador, just right, as we have had a black Labrador in our family whom we loved very much. Paulo is three years old, but is not suitable for re-homing due to previous treatment. His distinguishing feature is a "smiley face" sounds just right for me !!!  So amongst the sadness there is always something to be glad about. Keep safe, keep healthy and KEEP SMILING.



I can only encourage you are this time to hold each other up in prayer, especially those who are unable to be a part of our electronic community! Prayer is the great secret of Christianity. We are incredibly blessed to have a direct line to God and now is a time to use it :-)

Other items

I have had one other items which I need to incorporate into next week's notices but if you have something good or bad to share with the Church community do let me know.

Messy Church

Julia has asked me to share the item below for all those in Messy Church.....

Hi 'Messy' friends. I hope this message finds everybody well and staying Safe. Hopefully also taking advantage of this lovely weather.
Have recently done a couple of craft projects for the children to complete at home over Easter. I thought it might be nice as a Team, to see if anyone else can come up with a craft, for the children to again complete at home. i.e. Something we can display in the Church front window, complete with items required etc and instructions for completetion or similar. 

If it will help, I can pick this up from your doorstep as I drop off or pick  Karl from his work, Mon - Fri, and then as previously mentioned, display this in the Church window.

I would also like, as a Team, to raise some money for the NHS. I have recently made 100 Rainow🌈 & Cross ✝️ bracelets to sell for £1 each. The bracelets are now pre-packaged in re-sealable bags, ready to sell. They can be dropped through a letter box and then payment preferably £1 coin can received. Payment(s) can be left on front steps or an alternative if previously discussed and agreed. 
If anybody can help me with this, or has any other ideas, please get in touch.
If this proves to be popular, I am willing to make more. I'm hoping to raise £150.00 plus.

Home☎️: 402810
Love in Kindness. Stay Safe. Julia xx