Updated: January 9th 2020 

Welcome to Elburton Methodist Community Church (EMCC) we want to share with you the great news of the Love, Hope and Peace of God. We believe that Jesus died for our mistakes so that we can know him better and gain eternal life. We believe he calls us to be obedient disciples following his commands. This includes his command to love all those around us. This is something we are seeking to do even more today.

During these strange COVID times, we are not closed, we are seeking in new ways to share the love of God here in Elburton.

  • Our in-person services are now paused as is our Facebook live stream from the building. You can watch our services for the past 10 months via our website, click here Video Services or our Facebook page.
  • Each Sunday morning at 10:30 am and evening 6:30 pm you can join us on Zoom for a service. Please get in touch for the codes you need.
  • Prayer never stops and you can join us in your own home each Wednesday evening at 7pm-715 for private prayer. "We carry our sanctuary in our heart" Prayer
  • The Courier, our magazine is still being produced and you can read it on this website. The Courier Magazine
  • Our newsletter "Keep In Touch" is available by email each Saturday and on our website Notices Blog
  • We have a  coffee morning every Saturday  morning on Zoom please get in touch for more details
  • We also have two Christmas projects the virtual Christingle and Crumbs From The Table

 Why have we closed dour doors from January 5th 2020? 

We know that the rules allow us to open for worship. It took us no time at all to conclude that the best thing we can do to support our community and protect those working in the NHS and other essential services was to close our doors. So as an act of love on our part we close the doors and extend our virtual hands to you. You can still reach us whenever you need us, you can still join us on-line for worship on Sundays at 10:30 and 18:30 via Zoom. We continue as a Church to hold everyone in our community in prayer and urge you to join with us in lifting high to God all those that need the love of God close today. 

Stay safe, may he bless you !


  • We are hosting a community support group on WhatsApp and you are invited to join us there by texting: 07897577501.
  • You can also receive our weekly notice sheet on our website or you can get it in your in-box via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Click the Notices blog link for our notice sheet on-line or here Notices Blog 


 We hope that you and your families stay safe at this time and we continue to pray for you all!

 Thank you for visiting us and we wish you a blessed Christmas and hope you will discover something of the power and love of God this year. If you need us we are still here and ready to talk, there are lots of ways to be in touch. We trust you will go knowing we are holding the community and you whoever you are in prayer and that God, who is pure love longs for you to know him and the peace, hope joy that this knowledge consequently brings.

With our love and blessings 

 EMCC Team