Hi all,

As discussed in our on-line service a few weeks ago, and in this week's notices we thought it might be really good for us as a Church community to come together regularly in prayer. There are lots of ways we could do this....

  • Zoom prayer meeting
  • A prayer sheet
  • Free prayers

For this initial week we will try as simple agreement to pray at 7pm Wednesday night the 3rd of June. Everyone can then join in this event in their own home. The one corporate act will be at 715 exactly when we will say the Lord's prayer together.

I must confess I find praying a challenge, I am used to the quiet time in the car to and from work for prayer and that is now absent. Personally therefore I welcome the chance to pray together and for one another. If like me you struggle with this free-form time of prayer you may find the following structure of use....

  • Find somewhere quiet to pray
  • Begin with a prayer of acknowledgment such as "Lord, God, Master, Friend, I come before you now to humble myself in a condition of prayer. Open my heart Lord to your spirit, focus my mind and my soul on you, fill me with your presence and lead me thoughts and words.
  • A prayer of confession
  • A prayer of rejoice in forgiveness
  • Pray for others in our Church
  • Pray for individuals and groups you know and love
  • Pray for our nation
  • Pray for places in the world of concern such as Sudan and Uganda, America at this time.
  • Pray thanks, for the blessings we know.
  • Pray thanks for God's gift of his son and spirit this pentacost
  • The Lord's prayer

You may also like to look at these websites for other ideas....

 https://www.24-7prayer.com/simpleprayerideas - The 247 website has other pages but this one has some simple ideas to get you started in prayer.

https://www.thykingdomcome.global/resources/key-resources-2020 - Some Thy Kingdom Come resources, including the Methodist Prayer Journal.

If you have prayers you would like to share with the Church please send them to me and I will add them here. I will try and add to this page as time goes on. Perhaps some of you could share with me how you think it went and how you would like to do it next time.

Many Thanks