The Methodist Church nationally probably gives a better answer to this question than I ever could. You can read their information on the subject here ....

However, to summarise a little, and at the risk of over simplifying we believe in God, that he saw a world in distress, a people in need and out of love, sent his son to earth. We believe Jesus came knowing the terrible fate he would suffer at the hand of people and came because he loved us. Jesus gift to us is freedom. Freedom because we know we are loved by God and forgiven for the bad things we have done and do.

We celebrate these and other gifts from God in our worship and church life. The heart of our message is we are loved and therefore we are called, by God, to LOVE. Furthermore we are called to love all, without prejudice. We believe that through Jesus sacrifice on the cross we are given the gift of eternal life.

Through our house groups, services, Sunday school, Alpha and our other activities we often seek to know more of God and develop our faith and understanding. We know it is hard to understand faith, and faith issues and we are issues we all struggle with. We don't pretend to hold all the answers, we only offer a place of exploration. 

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