“Simply Jesus” written by Tom Wright unpacks the complete story of Jesus of Nazareth with clear explanations to understanding why the events in the New Testament happened. This book demonstrates who Jesus was and shines light on reasons why Jesus performed such miracles and why he spoke in the way he did.

Tom Wright systematically unpacks Jesus’ life with historical facts and reasonings in relation to political and racial tensions during the Roman occupation of Jerusalem. And identifies in detail the struggles Jesus had in delivering his ministry during a time when rebellion against the Roman Empire was a common ideology of proclaiming their new Kingdom. Jesus however, preached to the same people; “Love your enemy and pray for those who prosecute you” (Matthew 5:44) and “Seek Gods Kingdom” (Matthew 6:33). Many found Jesus’ teaching to be radical and a threat to their traditional culture and religious practices.  

I recommend this book to everyone! This book provides excellent insight to expanding our knowledge of the man Jesus Christ and further understanding the importance of his actions and miracles he performed.  


Review Rating: 5/5