Well what a fantastic year we have had in Messy Church 2018 to 2019. We have seen lots and I mean lots of new faces every session this year. That's made for some lively and exciting sessions. Sometimes the building has been packed.

We have worshipped God every time in all kinds of ways and that's one of the reasons we, the church are here. We have also spent time alongside our community, letting them know they are loved and that we are here. That's another portion of our mission. Of course we have also shared the good news of the gospel with lots of new people. That's another essential part of our mission. Finally we have had fun and that makes it even better.

So, why am I writing, well none of the fun, crafts, worship and food happen without the work effort and dedication of so many people within the church. This is true testament to a people obedient to God's call and loving the community just as we are commanded.

We now have a little respite as we enjoy a summer holiday from messy church and a chance to recharge those batteries, physical and spiritual.

So a massive thank you to you all and I am looking forward to 2019-2020. Thank you messy churchers! With love !