Hi all, we may not be able to meet to carry on our Messy Church fun, but, we are doing "Messy by Remote". Our fantastic Messy Church leaders have put together some activities you can take part in today. 

Activity 1 - Easter boxes

Julia and Tony haver put some Craft Displays (3) up on the front window of the church. (photos shown below). Briefly these are primarily Easter egg boxes, with craft bits and pieces that you can find at home. The three displayed depict Jesus's Crucifiction, His Resurrection and His Ascension in to Heaven. Two of these have a battery tea light fitted to enhance the effect and are better seen in the dark or poor light etc. Also stuck on the glass is a basic Craft List, i.e. Items needed etc. 

If you'd like to take part go take a photo of the instructions on your daily walk and don't forget to post us your creations in photo form so we can share them on social media and our website.

Activity 2 - Easter pebbles

By the rear doors in the car park is a small wicker type basket with flat Easter egg shape (ish) stones for people to take away, and paint/colour in with their own designs. Once completed, hopefully those taking can take photos and again post them to us to share on-line. 

Activity 3 - Easter Garden Kit

Again by the rear doors to the Church you will find a complete kit to make an Easter Garden, there are 12 sets so one per family please :-) The only thing missing is some PVA glue. Take a look at our example make below and don't forget to share your creation with us so we can share it on-line.

To share:-

To share things with us please send a photo or lots of your creation to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.