This week we are doing something a bit different for our service. The recording of the service will be available on-line in the usual way BUT we will also be providing a live stream at 1030 on Facebook. This will be predominantly the same content so please don't watch both. We haven't tried this before so this will be a little experiment. As I say you will be able to watch the recording from our website as usual so no one should miss anything. No sermon this week, just four short talks to take us through the themes of the past few months worshipping on-line.

Secondly, our prayers will be slightly different. We will be using the image here to help focus our prayer time. If you are able, print it off and fill it in before we worship OR you can just make a little list based on the headings.

Finally this sunday we will be having an on-line new years party at 11:30 on Zoom. All are welcome to join us and details are in these notices. The Zoom details are redacted from the website copy of this sheet so if you don't get this by e-mail just drop me a message and I will share them. We are hoping the 'party' will be an opportunity for a chat and a catch-up. Pass the parcel is hard to do by Zoom so come with your news and bring your own tea :-)

We really are very much looking forward to seeing you at 11:30 if you can make it!

Well I said last week that schools are returning and even more normality with it. I know our children have loved meeting their friends and getting back to school.
Those who can I will see you at 11:30 sunday for those who can't have a blessed and God filled week.

Remember the God of creation and love is in command, so all is well!
As always With our love
Jon, Helen, Josh and Beth

Keep Elburton methodist is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.


You can find all our services on our Church website here


Tristan and I would love to receive your formal feedback please. We need one formal review for each service we submit as a part of our portfolios so if you are able to compete a form now and then that would be great! You can find them here :-)Feedback

Thank you !


Contact Details

Mobile: 07884 232829
Land line: 01752 480319
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Please remember you can get these notices via our notices blog on this page of our website: if you don't get this email do check there, anytime.


For those who would like to we are continuing our Wednesday prayers, starting at 7pm we are each praying at home. We end at 715 with the Lord's prayer. You can find out more on our website.

Church re-opening

The Church Council has decided not to re-open the church at the beginning of September. The main reason being the majority thought it was too soon and too difficult in view of distancing and cleaning requirements. A risk assessment was carried out by Di Smart and Fran Cook (Stewards). If anyone has any questions or concerns, please contact: Di Smart This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Thank you.


If you didn't recieve or you've lost your copy of the Courier please note you can find them on our website anytime :-).

A circuit video

Our new Performing arts enabler has prepared a video telling of some of the things happening across the circuit during lockdown. You will also see a short message from our new superintendent. Many thanks to Josh for the idea of passing something between us all!


JAM & IMPACT are now taking their summer break, we will be returning in September to a Zoom near you.


Please remember Denise hosts a coffee morning at 1030 each Saturday on Zoom, please get in touch for zoom details.