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This week Tristan is leading our morning worship and I hope you will be able to join him via the video page on our website or Facebook. Sue is leading our evening worship so do join us on Zoom at 6:30.

I don't know if you have been following the American election results. Josh and I have been following with great interest the full complexity of the system and the disputes as they unfold. It's good to debate and for people of different opinions to settle their views through elections. However, in times such as these I hope and pray the end of this election will result in unity. Communities, Countries and The World need to work together at such times. So it's more important than ever that we remember all the things we have in common and the bonds we share. As a Church our bonds are stronger than links of steel. You and I are bound together by Christ, we are held each as a part of the body of Christ. Let's Praise God for that.

As well as following the election we have had a fun week. Josh and Beth are building in Minecraft and by the time the lockdown is over they may have architected an entire city! School continues and the children had the opportunity this week to support the Poppy appeal by purchasing various poppy appeal items in class. It was lovely to see how excited they both were to take their coins and buy pencils and rubbers etc. Beth took a shopping list - so sweet!

A few things to draw you attention to in this week's notices. Firstly, there will be a Zoom service this Sunday evening, details below. Secondly, there has been a security issue at the premises this week, more details in this sheet. Thirdly, Andy is publishing a daily devotional through lockdown and you can read this on our Facebook page (You don't need a Facebook account to do that). Finally, Ann Middleton has produced an amazing video concerning rememberance. You can fnid it on our Facebook page and via the link below.

With our love!
Jon, Helen, Josh and Beth

Please do remember there are two services this week, you can watch our online service via the link on this page. Please note this is only available after Tristan uploads it so check back if it's not there now. You can also watch recordings of all our previous services.
In addition, on Sunday night at 6:30 there will be a Zoom service led by Sue Bolt. Details on how to join can be found further down this notice sheet.
Hope to see you there :-)

From Di
The Church Council agreed to hold Evening Services via Zoom at 6.30p.m.
ID for all services; REDACTED
15th November - Andy.
8th Sue Bolt, and 22nd - to be agreed.

The Church Council agreed that the Stewards, Property reps and Andy would meet to discuss ways and means of opening from Advent Sunday, 29th November. Obviously due to the recent Lockdown, we will not be able to open until the following week at the earliest - more details later.

You can watch the remembrance service produced by Ann our Performing Arts Mission Enabler on her Facebook page here

SECURITY - From Tony
On arriving for the working party on Wednesday 04.11.20 at 09:10 the Church front door was found to be unlocked although no one else was in the building.

This is by no means the first time this has happened. As far as could be seen no damage or theft took place but it could have been a very different story.

What is wrong with our keyholders that they cannot secure the premises on departure?
Property Committee

Rev Andy Chislett-Mcdonald
07960 050355


You can find all our services on our Church website here


Tristan and I would love to receive your formal feedback please. We need one formal review for each service we submit as a part of our portfolios so if you are able to compete a form now and then that would be great! You can find them here :-)Feedback

Thank you !


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For those who would like to we are continuing our Wednesday prayers, starting at 7pm we are each praying at home. We end at 7:15 with the Lord's prayer. You can find out more on our website.


JAM & IMPACT are yet to return to their on-line or in-person sessions, we hope to provide details about the plans soon.


Please remember Denise hosts a coffee morning at 1030 each Saturday on Zoom, please get in touch for zoom details.


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